Chris Vander Kaay is the Creative Director of the Brain Trust Legal Group, but his journey to the world of legal marketing and management was an unusual one. He began his career as an author and screenwriter, writing four nonfiction books about filmmaking and storytelling and three novels. He wrote the script for the western film The Redemption of Henry Myers, which premiered on the Hallmark Movie Channel.

He was teaching scriptwriting and film as a professor at the University of Tampa when he was recruited by a legal marketer to join his team. They saw a unique opportunity to find an effective communicator and storyteller and teach them the technical aspects of legal marketing. After several years working at well-known marketing agencies like Social Firestarter and SMB Team, he met Darryl Isaacs.

The two of them immediately recognized that they made a good team, with Darryl a natural and instinctively good marketer and law firm owner and Chris able to use his skills as a writer and communicator to translate that success into clear instructions for other attorneys. Chris joined the BLG team in early 2022, working with Darryl and his law firm team to expand their MasterMind groups, build their Billion-Dollar Coaching program, execute two live in-person BLG Summits, create BLG online training programs, and co-write a legal marketing book with Darryl.

Chris' experience in creative writing, teaching college, and working with both lawyers and legal marketing companies has positioned him as a unique and ideal expert in the field. He enjoys mentoring lawyers, consulting with law firms, and speaking at live events where he can make connections with others in the world of legal marketing and management.

Chris lives in the Orlando, Florida area, and he spends a lot of time in airplanes going to events and visiting Darryl's law firm in Louisville, Kentucky.

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