Darryl L. Isaacs is Founder and Lead Attorney of Isaacs and Isaacs, PSC and President & CEO of the Brain Trust Legal Group. Because of his public presence on everything from billboards to Super Bowl commercials, he has become popularly known as “The Heavy Hitter” and “The Hammer.”

Darryl graduated from University of Kentucky College of Business and Economics in 1987 and received his Juris Doctor from the University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law in 1991.

Darryl and his father Sheldon founded Isaacs and Isaacs, PSC in 1993. Darryl was a trailblazer in legal advertising on TV in Kentucky, and he built the firm into a highly successful and well-known practice.

A devastating traffic accident in 2015 left Darryl with a broken neck and other severe injuries. Darryl persevered to get better, turning a setback into a positive learning experience. He went through a long recovery process and legal battle, which not only helped him to get back his quality of life, but also helped him to see the personal injury world from the point of view of one of his clients. 

As someone with firsthand experience in accident recovery and traumatic brain injury, Darryl is one of the only attorneys who understands exactly what his clients are going through because he has been through it himself.

In nearly 30 years in business, the firm has collected over two billion dollars in settlements. They have helped over fifty thousand clients, and in recent years have increased their focus on accidents involving large trucks. He has grown a robust in-house litigation team with an impressive record of successful verdicts and judgments, with the most recent win of $10 million secured in a Kentucky federal court. 

As Darryl says, “I like to use my failures and turn them into victories and opportunities to be successful, both in business and in life.”

Darryl has a passion for mentoring attorneys and firms to reach their full potential. In 2015, Darryl created a network of non-competing attorneys and firms from all over the country to share their collective “brain trust” for legal mastermind meetings. Darryl hosts summits to discuss new laws and practices, both in marketing and management, that help them grow their practice and business. 


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This eventually led to the formation of the Brain Trust Legal Group (BLG) in 2021. Collectively, the firms that are members of this group have recovered over $70 billion for their clients. 

In addition, Darryl spearheads four mastermind groups: The Brain Trust Group, The Diamond Group, The Titanium Group and The Emerald Group, with another one currently in development. BLG has expanded to include a Digital BLG Training Program, an in-person Summit Event, and a book chronicling Darryl’s 30 years of experience.

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