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A digital marketing virtual assistant working from his home office

Why An All-in-One Marketing Expert Can Be A Gamechanger For Your Small Business

There are only two choices for businesses in today’s digital landscape – proactively shape your brand identity or reactively struggle to catch up with market forces. But there are too many channels to conquer and not enough resources. You need to understand where your ideal customers are most active and use the right strategy to keep them engaged.

A Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant (DMVA) can help you craft and implement a tailor-made marketing strategy for your business. They are trained in a variety of marketing tasks and can support your marketing team remotely. So you can get all the benefits of a full-time team member without shelling out the costs to keep a full-time employee.

Virtual assistants can help businesses cut down operating costs by as much as 78 percent.

It’s easier than ever to run a distributed team with members from all around the world thanks to tools that simplify workplace collaboration. Your business can stay active 24/7 and your customers are never stuck on a waiting list.

Let’s find out how a digital marketing virtual assistant can take your brand’s connection with your customers to another level.


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Evolution of Virtual Assistance: From VA to DMVA

What’s the difference between a virtual assistant (VA) and a digital marketing virtual assistant (DMVA)? It’s like comparing a paralegal and a lawyer. One is a doer while the other can be a thinker and a doer. Virtual assistants may not have the specialized marketing expertise like digital marketing virtual assistants.

Virtual assistants can take over simple administrative tasks like calendar management, customer service, and data entry. Digital marketing virtual assistants can assist with SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, and content creation.

A VA has a broad set of administrative skills, but a DMVA is a specialist. So it depends on what you need. Someone who can help you with execution or someone who can help you with both planning and execution. You may need one or you may need both depending on your workload.

Pros and Cons of Virtual Assistance: Navigating a Dynamic Landscape

Here are the biggest advantages of working as a virtual assistant:

·        Freedom to choose your own clients

·        More flexibility in your work schedule

·        Saving work travel costs

·        Freedom to work from home in your comfort zone

·        Ability to pick diverse jobs that actually demand your core skills

·        You can choose your own rates

·        Minimal cost to get started

Here are the biggest challenges of being a virtual assistant:

·        Struggling with distractions at home

·        Getting overwhelmed with mundane tasks

·        Lack of job security

·        May not be socially rewarding for people who are interested in networking

·        Challenging to efficiently resolve client conflicts due to a lack of close personal interaction

·        Highly competitive marketplace that requires continuous skill development to stay on top

·        Difficulty in keeping up with the client’s work schedule and establishing a fair work-life balance

You have to carefully weigh these pros and cons before jumping into a VA role.

You need clarity about certain important factors to help you figure out if you’re the right fit, such as:

·        What qualifications and skill sets does the job demand?

·        Can it fulfill your financial needs?

·        What is the scope of long-term growth working in this position?

·        How much time does it demand?

·        How much training do you need to stay competitive?

·        Can it help you get more referrals and expand your network?

The Role of a Unicorn Digital Marketing Assistant (UDMA)

Promising small business owners are often troubled by one question when the money starts rolling in – “Who should I hire next to keep growing my business?”

Group of lawyers meeting with their remote digital marketing team via video call

Most people treat marketing as a luxury instead of a necessity. They wait until their customer base gets a little bigger before allocating a marketing budget. But the truth is you can expand your client base a lot faster with the right marketing approach.

We know it’s not easy to shell out thousands of dollars hiring a marketing agency when you’re already cash-strapped. But it doesn’t take much money to hire a “Unicorn” Digital Marketing Assistant (UDMA) to accomplish your marketing goals.

You can simply delegate all marketing strategy and execution work to them while you focus on running your business smoothly. A Unicorn Digital Marketing Assistant has the right skill set, experience, and networking power to fulfill your short-term and medium-term goals.

They are planners, coordinators, and implementers all rolled into one. And they must have mastery over a variety of marketing tasks to justify the unicorn tag.

Here are some essential marketing tasks a UDMA can help you achieve:

·        Building your sales funnels across different channels

·        Creating email marketing campaigns

·        Developing blogs

·        SEO

·        Social media marketing

·        Creating digital products

·        Affiliate sales

·        Designing and managing your website

·        Implementing your ad campaigns

·        Graphic design

·        Video creation

·        Using analytics to optimize your marketing strategy

·        Managing your online community

Crafting Success Through Digital Marketing Expertise

A Unicorn Digital Marketing Assistant understands the importance of holistic marketing. They don’t make you win by laying your brand’s eggs in every basket, but by choosing the baskets that attract the customers you’re looking for.

Digital marketing involves a broad set of skills. There are some who specialize in SEO, content creation, web design, advertising, or customer management. A UDMA may not be a master of them all, but they can still do well as a jack-of-all-trades.

They should have a broad understanding of how to customize their marketing strategy as per your needs. Even if they aren’t skilled in a particular area, they’ll know how to delegate it and get it done in a quick and cost-effective way.

A UDMA knows how to use the right skill at the right time for the right person.

Here’s how a UDMA uses their expertise to craft a successful marketing strategy step-by-step:

·        Identifying your ideal customer profile by reviewing your brand needs and analytics

·        Choosing the channels where your customers are most likely to engage

·        Developing your brand logo and brand communication guidelines for consistency

·        Creating blogs, videos, newsletters, and other content based on their interests and concerns

·        Using design tools like Adobe Photoshop and Canva to create attractive visual content

·        Using SEO to insert relevant keywords and refining your content structure

·        Managing your customer interactions across all channels through an efficient CRM tool

·        Using analytics tools like Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel to optimize your marketing strategy

·        Creating a seamless workflow between your organization’s departments for implementing feedback

Building Bridges: Sales Funnels, Strategy, and Community Management

A successful sales and marketing strategy is not merely defined by how many leads you attract every month. It depends on how many leads you can convert into customers, and turning those customers into a thriving community.

Digital marketing assistant working from their home office

So your UDMA should know how to optimize your strategy for all four stages of your sales funnel, including:

·        Awareness phase – Identifying the first points of engagement where customers try to find solutions for their problems. Publishing attractive ads, social media posts, or blogs with relevant keywords and visuals to catch their attention.

·        Interest phase – Creating content that helps your lead to get more informed about your products and services. It should motivate them to consume more detailed content like FAQs, ebooks, infographics, and in-depth blogs. Giving timely and relevant responses to all customer queries will help keep them interested.

·        Decision phase – Nudging your customers to check out testimonials and case studies. Making catchy offers like free consultations, discount codes, and subscription benefits.

·        Action phase – Creating content and engagement to support customers who have purchased your product. Offer after-sales demos and exclusive rewards. Feature happy customers as part of your success stories to make them feel special. Invite them to stay connected through your newsletter subscription. Share feedback forms to help optimize your marketing strategy further.

The Versatile World of UDMAs: A Solution for Every Business

Unicorn Digital Marketing Assistants are versatile professionals who can pull off a wide range of tasks. They can ease the burden on your marketing team or they can do their work all by themselves.

If they can bring out the brand vision that you want to share, it’s a lot easier to work with them. Because they’ll keep your content creation and community engagement consistent following the same vision.

You won’t have to worry about a clash of creative vision or scheduling conflicts between different team members. Most importantly, you can save a lot of money with a one-in-all solution by hiring a UDMA. It’ll give you the freedom to focus all your funds in creating better products and serving customers.

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