Lawyers, Are You Advertising Your Big Results?

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If you’re a personal injury lawyer who has gotten big results for your clients, are you marketing those results? If you’re not, you NEED to, and here’s the reason why.

How Does Legal Marketing Set My Law Firm Apart?

First, take a moment to picture yourself as a potential client who needs a lawyer. You don’t know anything about the law or what makes a good lawyer. You just know that you’ve been in an accident and you need help.

When you look around, guess what you see? You see marketing everywhere for two dozen lawyers: Billboards. TV commercials. Social media ads. Radio jingles. As soon as you need an attorney, you start to notice that there are so many of them, and they’re all trying to get your attention.

They’re also frequently doing it the same way, by mentioning the fancy schools they graduated from and the awards they or their firm have won. But guess what? As a potential client, you don’t know anything about the law, so you have no idea how to tell a good lawyer from a bad one. You don’t know about what law schools are good. You don’t know any of those awards that lawyers say they’ve won. None of that matters to you.

All you need is someone who can help you get your best result, so you can get back to your life.

What’s Most Important to Include in Legal Marketing Content?

This is the most important thing to remember when you’re marketing your law firm: potential clients don’t know the law, so they just want to know the results. They’re not experts, so any measure they use to judge a lawyer would just be a guess. That’s why results are so effective.

If you’ve gotten great settlements or results for your clients, you NEED to put them in your advertising for two reasons:

Advertising Results is Social Proof

The first reason is because it’s something measurable. Clients don’t know about the law, but they understand when you’ve gotten previous clients a lot of money. They know how to look at the number of zeros on a check.

Because there are laws that prevent attorneys from claiming to get results or settlements without proof backing it up, it makes a potential client more likely to believe a lawyer is good at their job. They know the result on the billboard is the truth, so they believe that the attorney who got that result must know what they’re doing.

Advertising Results Makes You Distinct In Your Market

The second reason is because it will set you apart from all the other attorneys who have less impressive results than you. And it also sets you apart from the attorneys who don’t share their results in their marketing at all. When a client has to choose between two lawyers based on billboards, that client is more likely to go with the attorney whose billboard says “$15 MILLION RECOVERED” over the one that says “ORLANDO’S PREMIERE INJURY ATTORNEY.”

You don’t have to go into details about the cases. In fact, sometimes you can’t share any additional information in a lot of states. But if you can share the number, you really should.


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Does Advertising Your Legal Results Really Work?

Darryl Isaacs, the founder of Brain Trust Legal Group, has plenty of billboards talking about the firm’s $10 million settlement. He did it because it lets clients know he’s the right attorney to hire. It also shows insurance companies that the firm wins big for clients, and we make sure the public knows about it. Attorneys who defend insurance companies get nervous when they have to go up against us in court, because they know their loss could be the next billboard that goes up.

So be proud of the good job you and your team are doing, and be proud of the results you’re getting for your clients. There’s nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to sharing your successes. When you start marketing those results, you’ll see your number of potential clients start climbing.

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