Lawyers, Use Landing Pages for Your Social Media Ads

social media remarketing landing pages

When you run social media ads, are you sending your potential clients to a landing page to leave their contact information? Or are you having them fill out a lead form on Facebook or Instagram? If you’re not using a landing page, we recommend you switch to landing pages for the ads you’re running on social media. Here are the reasons why:

Legal Marketing Content & Landing Pages

First, let’s make sure everyone is on the same page about what we mean by landing pages for anyone who isn’t familiar with the term.

A landing page is a single page created for the sole purpose of allowing potential clients to submit their contact information to you. Unlike a full website with many links and many pages, this has just one job: get the contact info. These are quick and easy to build, it’s faster to make changes to landing pages than to a full website, and you can make many of them for specific and targeted types of cases or clients. Overall, they’re just a great resource that are well worth using.

There are many programs such as ClickFunnels, Unbounce, and Leadpages that allow you to build landing pages quickly, easily, and with professional designs.

What’s Wrong with Using Lead Forms on Social Media Platforms?

Why do we recommend using landing pages over using the lead form that social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram provide for you? The truth is, those lead forms can limit what information you can get from potential clients, which can cause problems for law firms trying to evaluate leads to establish whether or not they are cases.


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Social media sites don’t always let you ask everything you want to know. They sometimes limit the number of questions, and occasionally they will even limit the type of questions you can ask. For instance, they may keep you from asking more than 3-5 questions on a lead form, even if you need more than that to qualify a potential client. They may also keep you from asking questions about things like injuries or personal information, which is vital for an attorney to understand the nature of a case.

However, if the potential client is sent to your landing page instead of a lead form, you can ask them any number and type of questions you want.

Can I Show Ads to People Who Visit My Law Firm’s Website?

The second reason you should use a landing page is because it helps you to retarget those people with more advertising.

If you have a landing page, you can add something called a “pixel” to the page. The pixel is something that social media platforms create that you can add to your website to track anyone who visits your page.

If someone visits your page, then that gives you the ability to retarget them with more marketing material like ads on social media. So even if they don’t leave their contact info, or if they type it in wrong and you’re unable to get a hold of them, you will still be able to continue advertising to them.

The reason that is so valuable is because studies show that it takes between 10 and 30 instances of someone seeing your ads before they decide to hire you. It’s a challenge to get in front of a potential client that many times. However, once they’ve gone to your landing page, you can continue to show them ads to get them familiar with you. You can create those 10-30 instances very quickly, which will shorten the amount of time before they reach back out to you again.

That’s not something you can do from a lead form on Facebook. So whenever possible, try to set your social media ads up so they direct users to a landing page that allows you to ask the questions you want, keep track of who has visited you, and show them more of your ads.


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