Legal Marketing is Really Like Drilling for Oil

Are you ready to strike it rich with legal marketing? The truth is, there is more than one thing that using social media marketing for your law firm has in common with drilling for oil. What are they, you might ask?

Legal Marketing is All About What’s Under the Surface

First of all, legal marketing is like drilling for oil because the value is all under the surface. It would be amazing if we could go on social media and immediately be able to tell which people were the ideal clients for us. But, like oil drilling, you can’t tell where the riches are unless you dig in.

Legal marketing is a calculated risk, just like oil drilling. No one can ever guarantee you that it will work, but there are things you can do to make success more likely.


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What If Social Media Marketing Doesn’t Work for My Law Firm?

Secondly, a lot of people have tried to drill for oil and ended up finding nothing underneath. The same is true for lawyers and marketing. In fact, some lawyers steer clear of most marketing because they’ve either had a bad experience themselves or they’ve seen other attorneys struggle with it, and they just don’t want the problem.

In a way, that is good for the lawyers who stick it out. When a lawyer dedicates themselves to being successful, they will outlast the ones who fall by the wayside or never try to begin with. That clears the playing field for them, and their tenacity will be what separates them from the lawyers who couldn’t make it work for them.

Legal Marketing Takes Time to Work

Here’s a hard truth, and it’s the third thing that legal marketing and oil drilling have in common: you won’t hit pay dirt if you don’t dig deep enough. Plenty of attorneys thought they gave marketing a fair chance and it didn’t work, but what they really did was drill down ten feet and didn’t immediately strike black gold, so they quit.

That’s the surest way to fail at marketing, just like it is to fail at oil drilling. If your child failed a test at school and said it wasn’t their fault because they studied for 15 minutes beforehand, what would you say to them? You would tell them they needed to concentrate more, dig down, and really try. The same is true for marketing and oil drilling.

With Legal Marketing, One Key Success Makes It All Worthwhile

The last thing that legal marketing and oil drilling have in common: you might have a few tries where it doesn’t seem like you’re getting results. However, if you’re really serious about it and you keep at it, then when you do strike oil, every mediocre result you got before that will all be worth it.

When results come pouring in, you’re not going to be kicking yourself about the few attempts early on that didn’t pay off as well. You’re going to be busy keeping up with the new rush of clients.


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Learn everything you need to know to grow and run a successful law firm that law school DIDN'T teach you!

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Every Legal Marketing Failure is Still a Branding Win

The last thing to mention is actually a difference between legal marketing and oil drilling.

With oil drilling, if you keep at it and keep at it and don’t find oil, then you’re basically a failure as an oil man.

However, if you’re an attorney and you keep at it with the marketing, even if you don’t score a lot of clients off any one single marketing ad or campaign, you do create something overall. If your marketing material is high quality, then every ad and every campaign you run helps build you a brand. You may not get tons of clients from a single ad, but that one ad in conjunction with all the other commercials and radio spots and social media videos adds up to a recognizable face and brand and personality, which is invaluable in the modern advertising world.

A brand becomes memorable to people, so even if they saw your ads and didn’t call because they didn’t need you right then, they remembered you. And when they do need your help, they’re going to remember to find you.

That’s the untrackable, immeasurable, but absolutely essential part of marketing that is tough to accept but is absolutely true. So that’s what legal marketing has in common with oil drilling, plus one advantage legal marketing has over oil drilling.

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