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Every law firm has room for improvement, whether it’s by getting more and better leads, speeding up a case’s Time on Desk, making your intake process smoother, or finding a better recruitment process for new employees. But improvement doesn’t happen automatically or easily. It takes weeks and years of study, attempts, failures, and dedication to make your law firm the best it can be.

But that’s not the only way to improve your law firm, and it’s not the best way.

In 2016, billion-dollar firm owner Darryl Isaacs founded the Brain Trust Legal Group to create a place where personal injury lawyers could gather together in MasterMind groups that provide effective, productive, and protected ways to share their best ideas. This has led to multiple members of the group growing from 6- or 7-figure firms to as high as 9- or 10-figure firms.


Mastermind Groups

Join a community where large and growing firms meet and share their experiences and expertise.

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The Five Benefits of a Legal MasterMind Group

Darryl founded his five MasterMind groups with five principles in mind, all of which contribute to the success of the groups and the members within. Those principles include:

1) Shared Attorney Experience

Darryl’s MasterMind groups are focused on personal injury attorneys. He respects and helps all kinds of attorneys, but the focus on PI in the MasterMind groups is simple: when everyone in the room does the same job, they all speak the same language.

Every PI attorney has similar experience overlap, which includes the same needs, the same problems, and the same desire to solve those problems. With a group that laser-focused on a specific type of client, case, and process, it allows for intense study and leads to groundbreaking achievements.

2) Confidentiality

Darryl knew that members of his group would be less likely to want to share key innovations and achievements with a group that contained direct competitors or people who would share their insights with others outside the group. That’s why he created an agreement of confidentiality within each group.

Each MasterMind group is limited to less than 20 firms, and none of the firms can be competitors. In addition to that, Darryl requires that everyone only use the information and advice shared in the group with their own firm and other members of the group. This ensures that you can freely share good ideas without worrying that they will be used against you.

3) The Latest Ideas

The legal industry is in a constant state of change, from new laws and decisions to new marketing tactics to brand new challenges with emerging technologies. Darryl made it a centerpiece of the MasterMind groups to focus time and presentations on the latest ideas.

The MasterMinds were talking about AI months before anyone else, including potential legal pitfalls. Many of the attorneys in the MasterMind programs have created entire companies that innovate aspects of the legal industry, from remote work to outsourced intake departments to the creation of Case Management software. If you want to look at tomorrow’s law firm, the MasterMind groups are the place to start.

4) Vulnerability and Honesty

The instinct to protect pride and ego frequently prevents attorneys from sharing the truth about the processes and results of their firm. Darryl leads by example in exposing mistakes and missteps, sharing losses as well as wins during his MasterMind presentations.

It does no one good to share ideas for growth and improvement if the attorneys sharing those ideas aren’t honest about their performance or value. These MasterMind groups are designed for truthful evaluation free from judgment.

5) Accountability

Lack of follow through is the reason most law firms never see real improvement. The purpose of the MasterMind groups isn’t just to present good ideas for your firm, it’s to provide a circle of like-minded people ready to hold you to task for the things you want to accomplish.

While the MasterMind members all get along, it’s not just a group for friends to get together and have a good time. Every member is dedicated to the continual growth and success of their own firm and the firms of the group’s members.

Get the Most from Your Legal MasterMind Membership

Joining a MasterMind group is vital for the continued growth and success of your firm, but making the most of your membership is equally important. That’s why Darryl created a framework for success in the MasterMind that includes:

  1. A monthly Zoom call with training lessons, guided Q&A’s, and open discussions
  2. 2 in-person events per year (3-day events with presentations from all the attending firms as well as breakout sessions for law firm owners and various departments)
  3. Dedicated communication hub for just the members of the group
  4. Google drive access to all recordings, presentations, and other materials from all the events and calls

Mastermind Groups

Join a community where large and growing firms meet and share their experiences and expertise.

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The MasterMind experience isn’t limited to in-person events. Darryl frequently contacts members in the time between monthly calls, and there is always a robust conversation happening.

Are You Ready to Take Your Law Firm to MasterMind Levels?

Darryl and the BLG MasterMind team are always looking for interested and motivated new attorneys to join one of his five MasterMind groups. If you’re one of those interested attorneys, you should know this first: Darryl takes the groups seriously, and he wants you to do the same.

It’s so important to him that he still talks to each member before they join so he can get to know them and help them understand the power and purpose of the groups. 


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